Jessie Anderson Photography

About Me!

                    I am a student photographer looking to get experience and exposure.I have been doing amateur photography for about 2 years (since 2009). 

                   I love photography and seeing the photographs come to life! Photographs give the opportunity to catch so many moments and memories, and I believe it is important to make sure we have these memories preserved, and what a better way than through photography?! A picture is worth a thousand words after all!
                   I have always had a love for photography, and I took the grade 12 course in high school to further my  understanding.

                  I specialize in Pet Photography, and taking photographs in a natural setting, where everyone is comfortable and happy to simply be themselves.

                  I have been in the horse industry since I was a baby, it's a family thing, and I absolutely adore animals, and love catching our furry, and other types, friends on film!

                  I plan on going to University in the fall for Biology, and a little later on in life I plan to take Veterinary Medicine. As University is part of my near-future plan, I was looking for a way to make some money, and what better way than to combine the thing I love, and be able to provide an affordable option for people who want photographs of their family!

 Yours truly,

 Jessie Anderson